Durant Best Family Chiropractic Care

Are you searching for the Durant best chiropractor because you want to improve your life? At Knight Family Chiropractic, we believe that all people in Texas have a God-given potential to heal and stay in great physical condition. We seek to serve you and maximize that potential. It’s our goal, it’s our mission and it’s what we love. When you come to us for Durant family chiropractic care, you know we’re going to put you first.

Our Team: The Best Chiropractor in Durant OK

Your health is so important, and that’s why you need top-notch family chiropractic care in Durant OK. That’s exactly what we offer. Our team is led by Dr. Jay Hauptman, DC. He has years of experience and he is a high-level athlete himself, running triathlons, racing motorcycles and much more. He knows how important health is, he has recovered from injuries of his own, and he knows the power of corrective chiropractic in Durant OK inside and out.

The rest of our office is friendly and inviting. You don’t just get the Durant best chiropractor. You get a whole team that works hard on your behalf, giving you a relaxing, family atmosphere where you can get the treatment you need.

The Benefits

Why should you choose us to be your Durant chiropractic care center? It starts with our welcoming attitude, high level of technical skill and years of experience, but there are plenty of other perks besides. They include:

  • New patient visits for just $39
  • Competitive long-term pricing
  • The ability to work with many insurance companies
  • Experience with seniors, babies, women who are pregnant, injured workers and much more

Overall, our team is also focused on education. Have any questions about Durant family chiropractic care? Wondering how and why it works? Trying to learn more about your treatment options? Our friendly, family-like atmosphere makes this a non-intimidating place to ask questions and get the answers you seek.

How to Contact Us

If you know that it’s time to visit the Durant best chiropractor and you’d like to set up an appointment today, just give us a call at 580.448.4412.